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The experience of AYZA MIZRAK MAKİNE LTD. ŞTİ. which was founded in 1997 in Bursa and which is specialised in wood machinery manufacturing, started in the year 1976. We tried to increase our machinery park gradually in order to conduct mass production. We produce Sliding Table Saws, Edge Banding Machines, Panel Cutting Saw, CNC Router, Automatic Door Lock Boring Machine, Hot and Cold Presses.

Today we have been going on manufacturing machinery in our plant which is located in Çalı industry region and which has 16.500 square meters of indoor area.


As Ayza Mızrak Machine;
1- To respond to the expectations of our customers as required and to keep the satisfaction of our customers at the highest level,
2- To keep product safety at the highest level by following the national and international standards and laws related to our products,
3- Ensuring continuous improvement and constant development without sacrificing quality ambiguity,
4- By following technological developments closely, being a pioneer company in the implementation of these technologies in our country is one of the features that distinguish us from our other competitors.


Pioneer in the sector, exemplary in services and the first preference of the customer to make the success permanent.

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