Edge Banding Machine
Fastband Belt 423-Belt System

AYZA MIZRAK edge banding machines combine an excellent user experience with high & precision quality banding. Our FASTBAND BELT Series are (Professional serie) Pioneer and appreciated machines which draw attention with competitive price, innovative, simple design with high quality workmansship and using of worldwide known brands on machines. Reliable partner for Medium and Large sized enterprises.

  PRODUCT CODE : Fastband Belt 423-Belt System

CATEGORY : Wood Processing Machines > Edge Banding Machine

Fastband belt 423 GENERAL FEATURES:
• 10inch PLC Touch Screen
• Pre Heating
• Upper Pressure Belt System
• Upper Glue Basket
• Triple Speed (14-18-22 m/min)
• Automatic Pressure
• Guided Pallet
• Head-End Trimming
• Angular Milling
• Corner rounding
• Radius Scrapping
• Cleaning liquid Sprayer
• Buffing
Voltage/Frekans  380/400 V – 50/60 HzPre-Milling Motor  2×2.2 kW 12.000 rpm
Current                                       50 AHead&End Trimming Motor 2×0.45 kW 10.500 rpm
Band Thickness  0,4-3 mmMilling Cutter Motor2×0.60 kW 15.000 rpm 
Work Piece Thickness     8-60 mmGrooving Motor  2.2 kW 12.000 rpm 
Working Speed14 m/min/18 m/min/22 m/minMachine Length  6100 mm
Power 15 kWWorking Height 880 mm
Air Pressure 4-6 barWidth 850 mm
Glue Box Capacity   4 ltHeight 1700 mm
Glue Heating Time 15-18 minWeight  2000 kg
Fastband Belt 423-Belt System
Fastband Belt 423-Belt System

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