Tilting Circular Saw Machineries
Gold Plus 3800 Tiptronic

Gold series Table saws from AYZA MIZRAK offer professional results for beginners, semi professionals and professionals. Small and medium sized enterprises prefer gold plus series because of its Aluminium carriage,rigid body, Automatic/manuel saw height and degree adjustment.   Gold Plus series also offer high quality, high precision with competitive price level.


User friendly; high quality and precise cutting are not privilege


We use high quality steel bodyframe and we use heavy duty weld. All electrical parts are worldwide known brands Siemens, Schneider,Omron,pizzato. All machines has CE standards.


Rigid Body

Easy to use (User Friendly)




Standard Features


Sliding Table – Support Fence – Crosscut-Mitre Support Fence – Automatic/Manual Tilt Adjustment – Automatic/Manual up/down adjustment – Scorer – Safety Hood – Dust Vacuuming Input


Scorer : Seperate 0,75kW Scoring motor with on/off switch


Optional Features


Post Forming Cutting Unit

Pneumatic Pressure Unit

Big Extraction Hood 

  PRODUCT CODE : Gold Plus 3800 Tiptronic

CATEGORY : Wood Processing Machines > Tilting Circular Saw Machineries

Sliding Table3800 mmTable Dimensions with Additional Table950 x 750 mm 
Standart Diameter of Blade                                    300 mmTable Dimensions with Additional Table800 x 500 mm
Diameter of Spindle30 mmProfile Carriage Dimensions 1530 x 650 mm
Max. Depth of Cut Ø30078 mmTilting of Blade0°-45°
Max. Depth of Cut @ 45 Tilted Position55 mmDust Vacuuming Connector120 mm
Max Width of Cut1300 mmMotor Power5,5 hp (4 kW)
Max Movement of Aluminium Table 3800 mmSpeed of Blade3700-5100 rpm 
Table Dimensions 950 x 600 mmNet Weight720 kg
Speed of Sawblade7250 rpmDiameter of Spindle 20 mm
Length of Cut3800 mmMotor Power1 hp (0,75 kW)
Diameter of Saw Blade125 mm
Gold Plus 3800 Tiptronic
Gold Plus 3800 Tiptronic

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