Lion 2128 CNC Router


8 Equal Area Automated Controlled Aluminium Grid Table/Siemens Control Unit, servo motors and drivers/Toolholder Magazine with 8 Unit/Automatic Lubrication, HSD Spindel Motor (9/12kW), Remote Control System/Office Control System/Handwheel, 250mm Z Axis Stroke, 250mVacuum Motor (Becker), Tool Measurement Probe

OPTIONAL: Alphacam 3D/Safety Barrier/Table Sweeper/Drilling Group HSD (14+16+Saw)/8 Unit Tool Holder


Working Area 2100×2800 mm
Z Axis Stroke 250 mm
Electro Spindle Type HSD 9/12 kW
Electro Spindle Power 24.000 rpm
Rotary Magazine 8 Capacity
CAD/CAM Program Alphacam Standart Router 3D
Control Unit Siemens 808D M
Speed Movement X Axis max. 90.000mm/min
Speed Movement Y Axis max. 90.000mm/min
Speed Movement Z Axis max. 15.000mm/min
Vacuum Zone 8n0
Air Supply 6-8 bar
Installed Power 22 kW
Vacuum Pump 250 mBECKER
Weight (Approximately) 4000 kg
Dimensions 3000×4100
Installation Dimensions 4500×5000


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